New Lawn advice from the pros!

Water – Water – Water! Keep the lawn damp for 2 weeks. It is very important to water new lawns frequently enough to keep it moist at all times. This is especially important on hot and windy days. Apply a starter fertilizer on top of your sod prior to the first watering.

Once the sod has knit, it should be watered enough over the first few months to maintain a healthy growing condition. After the turf is well established it should be watered deeply once a week during periods of no rainfall. You should water during daylight hours, but not in the heat of the day! Late evening watering during hot weather may create fungus problems. The best ime to water are the early morning hours between 5-8 am. A Hose timer can be very handy to have if no irrigation system is installed.

Fall and early spring are the best time to plant sod, as the cooler weather and heavier rains help to keep the sod evenly moist and aid in the establishing process. Avoid heavy use of lawn for first 2 to 3 weeks. Mowing should only
be attempted once the sod is firmly rooted and secure in place. Usually around 7 to 10 days from time of installation.

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