Portland Summer planting time is HERE!

575592_141674629350018_1269591208_nIf there was ever a great time to plant in our corner of the Pacific Northwest, that time is RIGHT NOW!  Flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, you name it, the growing season is upon Portland, and Exstream Landscaping has all of the best ideas. Give us a call, we've got the hook-up with the best places to buy your landscaping plants! Not only can we help you find the healthiest plants, grown from reputable and local nurseries such as D & J Retail Nursery off of Foster Road in Gresham, Oregon, but you can also find them at the BEST PRICES too!  Give them a call at (503) 661-5957 or just stop by during normal business hours.

Another tip that most people in our area don't know about is the best, local place to pick up items for your the pond. Water plants, pumps, fish, treatments, you name it, they got it and all the great ideas you need too. Check out Hughes Water Gardens in Tualitin, Oregon. It's the place to go no matter what type of pond you have or even you're even thinking about building one. 

In fact, if you're thinking about building a pond, let Exstream Landscaping know about it. Our experts can help you from planning to complete construction. Let us know, we can help!