Top 8 things Portland Landscape owners should before winter sets in

#8 Aerate and thatch your lawn.
This removes unwanted weeds and chocked lawns so that your spring lawn will have room to grow.
#7 Over-seed your lawn.  
Fall and spring are the best times to over seed your lawn area. The cooler temperatures and consistent N.W. rains help to root the new seeds deeper for a stronger, lusher lawn.
#6 Winter fertilize your lawn.
There are many products specifically formulated for our N.W. lawns for the fall and winter, these products contain added lime to help combat the acidic soils we incur with all of the falling leaves and needles we have here in the N.W.  These products help to add a boost to your lawn area while it's in it's dormant season making your lawn greener and fuller come spring.
#5 Mulch or bark dust
A good idea for bed areas in the fall as the extra layer of protection helps keep sensitive perennials and shrubs as well as deterring unwanted plant and weed growth, all while adding a fresh look to your winter landscape.
#4 Trim and Cut it all back.
This is the time of year you'll want to cut back all of your perennials and shrubs and do your major tree pruning.  Fall is a really good time of year to see the branch structure of your trees and shrubs with all of the leaves off of them. Seeing the branching structure really helps in pruning and shaping the trees and shrubs as they can be shaped and manicured to your tastes and size needs.
#3 Turn it all off
Turning off all outdoor faucets and hose bibs from the inside of the jpm,e can help prevent freezing pipes as well as unwanted winter usage of outdoor faucets. The installation of inexpensive bib covers can be purchased at any hardware store and even some grocery stores, is also a good idea to prevent freezing.
#2 Clear up the leaves and debris
Rake or blow your leaves into piles for disposal! This is very important in our area. As the N.W. area of Oregon has one of the largest tree canopies of any mid-sized city in the nation.  Portland alone boasts a 30% tree canopy. IF leaves are left unattended they clog rain drains causing flooding  as well as dead lawns, clogged rain cutters , damaged roofs and slimy slippery decks, landings and walkways that create slipping hazards. Everyone in the Portland area has a FREE lawn disposal can and some cities offer pick-up of leaf litter.
#1 Turn off the irrigation system and winterize it.
THE number 1 most important thing you can do for your landscape is to make sure the irrigation system is turned off and has been winterized professionally. This is an absolute MUST to  prevent costly winter breakage and possible flooding. Winterizing your system professionally usually includes a Spring turn on by a professional to insure that there are no breaks or possible leaks underground and unseen that can not only cause flood damage but be pretty costly not only to fix but to your water bill!
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