Portland Water in the Garden!

Portland! Everyone can have water in the garden! No need for a high maintenance pond or waterfall.

Just look at some of the many options available!

These are inexpensive, easy to maintain and create that wonderful soothing trickling sound of water in the landscape!


This beautiful bubble rock can be customized for your home. They come in many colors shapes and sizes, are low maintenance and add that beautiful touch of water your landscape!


This eternity vase can be installed quickly and easily, comes in a huge variety of colors shapes and sizes as well as being economical…


Even a simple bird bath fountain can add that touch of trickling water to your yard. Both plant life as well as small fish to your landscape.


A traditional fountain can house ​both plant life as well as small fish to your landscape.

These are but a few of the thousands of idea that are inexpensive, easy and to install and low maintenance that can add water to the landscape enhacing your enjoyment of your out door living space.

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